Guy wearing ‘I stand for the National Anthem’ shirt uses the U.S. flag like a picnic blanket

The folks over at Deadspin came across a photo of man at this Sunday’s Jets game who “respects the United States and its national anthem so much that he turned the country’s flag into a picnic blanket.”

The person who snapped the photo said the faux patriot was found watching the big screen outside the stadium.

Basically, me and my friend were walking around the stadium sometime during the 3rd quarter. There is a huge tv screen by the food carts right inside the stadium where people gather to watch. We went over there to check it out and we saw him spread the flag out and sit down.

I thought it was too ironic so I snagged a picture. He sat on it for a few minutes before leaving.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any reports of outrage from surrounding fans.

Either way, the image made its way around Twitter and people were a bit taken aback.

Update: I’m skeptical. It could possibly be some stunt to make the image go viral. Could someone really be that clueless? Yes, I see morbid cluelessness every day, but this seems a little put together. I could be wrong; after all, the guy drinks beer out of a straw.

Featured image via Twitter

Sky Palma

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