Guy who spent $100 million on replica of Noah’s Ark thinks we’re ‘wasting money’ on scientific research

Creationist firebrand Ken Ham has devoted his life to stunting the minds of children and adults. His “Creation Museum” in Petersburg, Kentucky is a $27 million pseudoscience propaganda factory that tells visitors that the earth is roughly 6,000 years-old and that humans co-existed with dinosaurs, and his recently completed Ark Encounter theme park cost a little over $100 million.

These endeavors have made Ham one of the most successful and prolific disseminators of bible literalism to date. But his specific brand of evangelism is unique in the sense that he doesn’t spend a majority of his time railing against the scourge of gay marriage or abortion. His main enemy, and he admits it openly, is science.

Considering the tens of millions he’s spent propagating his ideology, it’s astoundingly hypocritical that Ham would condemn the funding that goes into scientific research. Yet that’s exactly what he did in a recent series of tweets from his Twitter account.

According to The Friendly Atheists Hermant Mehta, Ham has “no idea how science works.”

“Because if he did, he would know that scientists aren’t “researching” evolution, per se, but they use the understanding of how it works to develop treatments for no shortage of diseases (just to name one implication),” Mehta writes. “As one university affiliated website noted, ‘Learning about the evolutionary origins of diseases may provide clues about how to treat them.’ That knowledge helps us stay one step ahead of harmful organisms when it comes to creating vaccines, antibiotics, and other drugs. And when those organisms evolve to resist our treatments, we can keep up in that arms race. There’s also the ability to create crops with bigger yields, food that’s more nutritious, etc.”

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