Harward said ‘no way’ to NSC job after seeing Trump’s disaster press conference

According to reports, President Trump‘s top pick to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser declined after seeing Trump’s unhinged 77-minute press conference on Thursday.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes cited a source close to Retired Vice Admiral Bob Harward who said that there were conditions that Harward wanted met if he were to take the job on, such as a clear chain of command reporting directly to the President, and a National Security Council that stuck to the structure of prior administrations.

“Harward wanted to undo the fairly large changes the president had made to the NSC that had inserted [Steve] Bannon into the process,” Hayes said.”The White House did not offer Harward sufficient assurances that he would have such autonomy.”

According to Hayes’ source, the White House was willing to negotiate with Harward, but it was Trump’s Thursday press conference that caused things to change.

“After watching the president’s press conference [on Thursday], he decided to stick with his decision to decline the offer,” Hayes reported.

Watch Hayes’ report in the video above, via MSNBC.

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