He was ‘clueless, hung over, and worthless with a gun,’ but he got a conceal carry license in 32 states

Mother Jones columnist Tim Murphy demonstrated how easy it was to get an official conceal carry license in America, by getting his in just four hours in a suburban Baltimore shopping center.

Murphy was nursing a hang over when he wandered into Dukes Defense World, a local self-defense shop outside of Baltimore, MD. Murphy knew next to nothing about guns, but after a four-hour course, he gained a conceal carry license that was recognized in 32 states (not counting the 8 states where you do not need a license), which would be mailed to him in 60 days after his application was processed.

Although Maryland has stricter laws, Murphy received his license from Utah. A Utah conceal carry permit is the de facto identification for handgun owners in America. Utah is a “shall issue” state, meaning that it will grant licenses unless there is a “compelling reason” not to, like a felony record. Recipients do not need to demonstrate proficiency with a handgun, and do not need to set foot in Utah.

Murphy simply needed to pay a $50 processing fee, and complete a course in gun safety, taught by owner and instructor Kevin Dukes. Murphy did not need to fire a gun in the course — in fact, he never fired a weapon in his life. Murphy walked the reader through the four hour course:

“We listen to a 911 call from a Utah woman whose husband had just killed a home invader. Dukes asks us what we’d do in that situation, and one of my classmates, who has already committed to moving to Texas to escape Maryland’s gun-grabbing government, says immediately that she’d pull the trigger. Dukes’ lesson: If you’re not prepared to kill, you’re not prepared to carry.”

After the four hour self-defense training course, Murphy was given a certificate, and would be mailed his license within sixty days.

As Dukes walks us through a long list of precautions, it’s clear that he’s passionate about safety. It’s equally clear that I don’t know the first thing about how to responsibly handle a firearm, let alone carry one in public. Jenny invites us to come up front to practice loading a handgun with fake rounds. When my turn comes, I struggle to load more than a few before they’re ejected halfway across the room. But that’s not going to stop Utah from giving me a permit.

You can read Murphy’s entire piece here.

Featured image via Mother Jones

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