Health nuts get tricked into drinking liquid candy then rave about how ‘natural’ it tastes

If you happen to be at an L.A. Farmer’s Market this weekend, DO NOT accept a sample offer of the health drink “Jüce.” It’s just the folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live trolling you.

It was all part of a hilarious prank targeting health fanatics. They claimed the drink was made from organic cold-pressed juice, but it was actually composed of Tang, Fun Dip, Skittles and melted Creamsicles to create flavors labeled as “Soul,” “Cure,” “Detox” and “Rainbow.”

With the placebo effect taking hold, the unsuspecting folks praised the drink as tasting “natural.” Even one guy who described himself as somewhat of a connoisseur said that it’s “not so sweet. It’s just like – you really just squeezed it out of the fruit.”

Watch the video below:

h/t takepart

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