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Heckler to King Charles: ‘We can’t heat our homes but we have to pay for your parade’

Video has emerged showing the newly minted King Charles III shaking hands with admirers when a heckler chided him for using tax payer money to pay for his proclamation parade in Windsor.

In the video, Charles can be seen shaking hands with a throng of supporters behind a barricade when one man holding a cellphone camera calls out to get his attention.

“Charles, we struggle to heat our homes but we have to pay for your parade,” the man said.

Charles seemed unfazed by the comment and gave a slight grin before resuming greeting his fans.

According to reports, UK households are facing a large increase in heating prices this winter, as Europe’s energy crisis places a growing burden on consumers. According to Business Insider, industry regulator Ofgem announced a cap on prices of £3,549, or $4,189, starting on October. That’s up 80% from the summer and 178% from last winter.

Watch the video below:

Charles being heckled today… the heckler is soon to be missing from PublicFreakout

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