We can’t stop looking at these images of random things cut in half

Wanting to look inside stuff is a innate curiosity that stays with us from childhood to adulthood. Maybe that’s why so many of us found this photo collection so fascinating.


Leica Camera Lens things-cut-in-half-01Jawbreaker Candy things-cut-in-half-02 Golf Balls things-cut-in-half-03
Fragmentation Grenade things-cut-in-half-04 Different Types of Bullets things-cut-in-half-06
Piñata things-cut-in-half-07
Motorcycle Helmet things-cut-in-half-08
Canon 1Ds Camera with 400mm Lens things-cut-in-half-09
A Piece of Wood Used to Mix Paint for 50 Years things-cut-in-half-10
Engine things-cut-in-half-11
Colgate toothpaste tubes things-cut-in-half-12
Copy machine things-cut-in-half-13
Turtle things-cut-in-half-14
Airplane things-cut-in-half-15
Tree trunk with a golf ball stuck in the middle

Human heart cut 2
Mechanical calculator cut 1
Human body cut 5

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