Here are 15 of the most terrifying photobombs in history

Some of these will keep you awake at night.

15. This clown who’s just looking for a friend. bomb 1
14. This nightmarish clown who stalks fast food joints. bomb 2
13. This completely WTF moment. bomb 3
12. This ungodly thing lurking in the woods. bomb 4
11. This rare sighting of Slender Man. bomb 5
10. This one where you’ll have to look really hard. bomb 6
9. This thing that should keep you awake tonight. bomb 7
8. This guy who’s clearly trying to ruin his daughter’s life. bomb 8
7. This obviously photoshopped but hilarious photo. bomb 9
6. This random appearance of Gollum. bomb 10
5. This person who’s in dire need of an exorcism. bomb 11
4. This dark figure from the past that’s just wrong. bomb 12
3. This guy who clearly has bad intentions. bomb 14
2. This unexpected guest. bomb 15
1. This figure in the window that’s born from everything unholy. bomb 16



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