Here are 15 people who quit their jobs in epic fashion

Quitting a job we hate in a grandiose and vengeful fashion is a fantasy all of us have shared. Below are a few examples of people who took that fantasy and turned it into a reality.

15. This guy who put the greatest message to ever appear on a Wendy’s billboard. quit 1
14. Katy, who totally rickrolled her former employer. quit 2
13. This guy who gave his former boss a nice card to remember him by. quit 3

12. This woman who quit her job by using the art form of interpretive dance.

11. This guy who was nice enough to get his former boss a custom-made cake. quit 4
10. This guy who didn’t hold back on his feelings. quit 5
9. This ENTIRE store staff who sent an important life lesson to their boss. quit 6
8. This witty departing note. quit 7
7. These special cupcakes. quit 8
6. This master class in passive aggressive communication. quit 9
5. This guy’s former boss who ended up changing his own damn sign. quit 10

4. This genius.

3. This guy who’d rather be fired than put up with a tardy boss. quit 11
2. This guy who designed his own level of Mario Bros. to announce he quit (You can play the game here.) quit 13
1. And finally, this woman who knows how to get her point across. quit 12
h/t: Diply

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