Here are 16 brilliant but simple inventions that you should have thought of first

16. This wrapping paper for all seasons. clever 1
15. These benches that are always dry with the roll of a handle. clever 2
14. This power strip that will make you climax with relief. clever 3
13. This nifty ring that will definitely increase your popularity at parties — or just assign you the role of bottle opener. clever 4
12. This tool for those of us who like our image unimpeded by fog. clever 5
11. These hypnotizing traffic lights. clever 6
10. This slightly treacherous yet expedient way to transport infants. clever 7
9. This genius contraption that gives candles eternal life. clever 8
8. This thing for cooks with OCD. clever 9
7. This new way to indulge your cat’s sense of entitlement. clever 10
6. This key chain holder made from two Lego pieces for god’s sake. clever 11
5. This hat that someone should have thought of centuries ago. clever 12
4. This piece of wood that will change your life. clever 14
3. This fork that will finally allow you to eat pasta better than Tony Soprano. clever 13
2. This…OMG. clever 15
1. This spray bottle that we’re REALLY hoping works. clever 16



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