Here are 18 HILARIOUS inappropriate spelling mistakes by children

We’ve all heard the saying, “Kids say the darndest things.” But after seeing the collection of images below, you’ll agree that kids write some of the most hilariously cringe-worthy things as well.

Now, these are some of the most vile and filthy sentences anyone can muster, but it’s glorious because the little tykes have no idea how raunchy they’re actually being.

(For image credits, check out Bored Panda)

NSFW? You decide:

1. I love my whole family. kids 1

2. My dad is the best cook ever! kids 2

3. I like when she does math with us. kids 3

4. I am going to be in Virginia. kids 4

5. I like horses. kids 5

6. I come in peace. kids 6

7. My goat is in a pen. kids 7

8. T is for tights. kids 8

9. I love Santa. kids 9

10. Thank you for the shirt. kids 10

11. My elephant likes to eat peanuts. kids 11

12. You can’t catch me. kids 12

13. Come with me to Father’s Day land! kids 13

14. I enjoy the beach. kids 17

15. Cute. kids 18

16. I will miss your house. kids 19

17. I will miss you, Kurt. kids 20

18. Chum bucket (Sponge Bob Square Pants) kids 21

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