Here are 22 humans and animals taking fail to a whole new level

1. This person who will be calling the fraud department very soon. fail 1
2. This barista who needs to slow down and breathe.

fail 3
3. This curious dog. fail 4
4. This person who just made some cinnamon rolls. fail 5
5. This person who is looking for an intellectual conversation. fail 6
6. This person who will face the wrath of Trekkies. fail 8
7. This horrific Halloween costume. fail 9
8. This dog who is disqualified from evolution. fail 10
9. This guy who really likes tacos. fail 11
10. This person who doesn’t like it when men are placed on petal stools. fail 12
11. This sensitive but lost soul. fail 13
12. This man living a nightmare made reality. fail 15
13. This frozen moment in time. fail 16
14. This person getting owned by his dog in yoga. fail 17
15. This English vocabulary/patriotism fail. fail 18
16. This awkward birth control joke. fail 19
17. This buffet that most likely went out of business. fail 20
18. This guy’s martial manhood. fail 21
19. This dude who takes this picture with his sister and then is defensive when people think it’s f-cking weird. fail 22
20. These clueless cats. fail 23
21. This customer complaint fail. fail 24

22. And finally, this greatest version of a Miley Cyrus video ever.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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