David Bowie’s 1976 arrest for pot possession birthed the greatest mugshot in history

RIP, David Bowie, 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016.

This mugshot of David Bowie was taken on 3/25/76 in Rochester, NY, four days after he was arrested for pot possession.

Via The Strut:

Cops busted 29-year-old Bowie, his buddy Iggy Pop and [a couple of ladies] at 2:25AM in The American Rochester Hotel following a concert in town. Bowie’s manager was able to free him on a $2,000 bail so he could make his next show date in New Haven, Connecticut.

He briefly returned to Rochester (much to the happiness of the fans) a few days later for arraignment (when this photo was taken) before heading back to the UK. Over 30 years later this photo was taken out of the trash at the estate sale of a retired Rochester police officer by Gary Hess.  Hess then sold the 5×4 inch photo on ebay in 2007 for $2,556.

Image via Reddit

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