Here are all the times Trump attacked Obama for playing golf on the job

Before Donald Trump was president, one of his favorite talking points was to attack then-President Obama every time he made it out to the golf course.

Now that Trump is in the White House, his own fondness for the game hasn’t slowed down. According to CNN, Trump “has made visiting his Florida golf courses a near every-weekend habit in the first month of his administration, and his aides are trying to obscure whether Trump is actually golfing during the visits.”

It’s not like one has to search deep wide for examples of Trump hypocrisy, but his golf habits are among his most blatant. Take for instance Trump’s comments at a 2016 campaign event in Virginia:

“I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to go play golf,” Trump said.

Fast forward to 2017, and Trump has visited the two golf courses at his Mar-a-Lago resort six times during his first month as president.

Examples of Trump slamming Obama for golfing are plentiful:

Brad Jaffy of NBC News put together a more comprehensive list:

“Donald Trump has zero worry about contradicting himself, because he does it all day long,” Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian who has met with Trump, said to POLITICO.

“He figures he can get away with it because he does it all the time. There is no worry about it. He says one thing and then does another, and his supporters don’t hold it against him.”

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