Here is a brief history of racism in 30 powerful photos

The blog Earthly Mission put together some powerful photos that everyone should take time out to look at.

This is an attempt to grasp the absurdity of these two interlinked ideologies without showing dead bodies or fighting armies. Instead, I used some rarely published photographs that I find extremely fascinating.

Powerful indeed.

Check out the series below:

1. Farmers await the opening of a slave fair in St. Louis, Missouri, 1852. race 1
2. A slave showing his scars from repeated floggings, 1863. race 2
3. A device that was probably meant to prevent slaves from escaping through small openings, such as windows, 1863. race 3
4. The Edmonton ice hockey team, 1916. This picture shows how the swastika symbol was at one time somewhat universal and not associated with racism, being in use long before Hitler utilized it. race 4
5. Hitler’s own designs for the Nazi Party symbol, 1920. race 5
6. Mussolini is greeted with a giant letter M in the Italian village of Piemonte, 1928. race 6
7. A German bomb with a message for Churchill, 1940. race 7
8. A Canadian soldier searching Jakob Nacken, the tallest soldier in Hitler’s army, 1944. race 8
9. A German “Rail Wolf” destroying train tracks in Italy, 1944. race 9
10. A Japanese family returning to their home in Los Angeles after WWII, 1945. race 10
11. Soviet soldiers with Hitler’s globe after WWII, 1945. race 11
12. Segregation in North Carolina, 1950. race 12
13. Paula Hitler, Adolph Hitler’s only sibling, 1954. race 13
14. A Holocaust survivor bonks a skinhead on his skin head, 1985. race 15
15. A British sailor removing the leg irons from a slave, late 1800s. race 16
16. Klu Klux Klan at a carnival, 1925. race 17
17. World’s Highest Standard of Living – A Margaret Bourke-White Photograph,1937. race 18
18. A rare color photo of Adolf Hitler which shows his true eye color (date unknown). race 19
19. US Government mockups of how Hitler could have disguised himself, 1940s. race 20
20. The last photo taken of Adolf Hitler as he overlooks the damage in Berlin,1945. race 21
21. This is what he saw. race 22
22. A German soldier returns home only to find his family no longer there, Frankfurt, 1946. race 23
23. A girl who grew up in a concentration camp draws a picture of “Home” while living in a residence for disturbed children, Poland, 1948. race 24
24. Black children looking in on a whites-only playground, Mobile, Alabama 1956. race 25
25. African girl in human zoo, Belgium 1958. race 26
26. Black man drinking at white only fountain, 1964. race 27
27. Nelson Mandela keeps his fists raised after he was sentenced to life imprisonment, June 1964. race 28
28. Demonstrator at the Harlem Peace March to end racial oppression carries an anti-war sign, 1967. race 29
29. The child of a KKK member approaches black state troopers, 1992. race 30
30. A sign warning white residents in Johannesburg during apartheid times, 1956. race 31

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