Here’s a portrait of Donald Trump composed entirely of d*ck pics

One brave Tumblr user did humanity a favor last week.

One brave Tumblr user has delivered a portrait of Donald Trump made entirely out of d*ck pics.

Tumblr user homopower created the mosaic with each small image that makes up Trump’s face and trademark combover being a penis. The work was inspired by the equally breathtaking mosaic of Rick Santorum made out of gay adult film screenshots.

“In lieu of SNL letting [Trump] host last [Saturday], I give you a pic showing what Donald Trump is really made of. This is a high-resolution photo mosaic of Trump made with 500 d*ck pics.”


With homopower’s bold artistic statement, we have to wonder what politician is the next target for a human anatomy portrait.

[Bullet] Featured image via Shutterstock 



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