Here’s Trump seeking out the reluctant hand of Melania to the theme of ‘Jaws’

There’s a lot of speculation about President Trump’s relationship with his wife, Melania. Much of it is unfounded and based on loose interpretations of news footage and other sources. But there’s one thing that’s pretty much confirmed, and that’s the fact that Melania isn’t too fond of holding her husband’s hand.

The most blatant piece of evidence was from May of last year. In news footage of Trump and Melania arriving at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv in May of 2017, Melania can clearly be seen swatting Trump’s hand away as he reaches for hers as they walk along the tarmac.

And again this week, we’re given another example of Melania’s reluctant hand, this time in footage of a White House ceremony from this Tuesday. In an MSNBC video that has since gone viral, Trump is seen subtly, yet yearningly feeling around for Melania’s hand as they stand next to each other. As seen before, Melania initially wants no part of it.

Finally she gives in and allows him to clasp her hand.

There’s so much to unpack from that moment, but while that just leads down the road to more speculation, there’s at least the potential for great comedy.

And that’s where The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah comes in. In a video posted to Twitter, Noah set the moment to the theme from the classic horror movie Jaws, and it’s astoundingly fitting.


Featured image via screen grab

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