Herschel Walker on climate change: ‘Our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air’

During pre-race ceremonies at a NASCAR event in Hampton, Georgia, on Sunday, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia Herschel Walker gave his thoughts on climate change and law that combat air pollution.

According to Walker, America’s “good air” will go to China.

“Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air, so when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move,” Walker explained. “So it moves over to our good air space. Then now we got to clean that back up.”

The video, first posted by GPB News reporter Stephen Fowler, has been viewed over 2.4 million times.

“The wild air pollution theory is just the latest in a string of embarrassing revelations about the former football star, including a long list of lies,” HuffPost reports. “He has claimed he was an FBI agent (he wasn’t), graduated from college (he didn’t), was his high school’s valedictorian (no again). And after railing about absentee fathers, Walker confirmed he has three additional children the public just learned about.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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