Herschel Walker: Our country is ‘going backwards’ because the TV show Archie Bunker isn’t on the air today

During an interview with the weekly magazine Rolling Out, Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker declared that he’s “not afraid to talk about racism,” but added that he’s “not afraid to talk about other things as well.”

“That’s the way you bring things together,” Walker said. “A house divided cannot stand. And I say, that’s what we have right now, a house divided. We can’t make it like this.”

Walker went on to say TV shows from just a decade ago or slightly more wouldn’t be allowed to go on the air today.

“Think about Archie Bunker,” he said. “That’s show couldn’t be on air. So I mean that we’re going backwards before we’re going forward. Well, let’s try to continue going forward.”

According to Walker, we’re going backwards because we don’t have enough people “willing to fight to go forward.”

“But I’m willing to fight to go forward,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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