Hillary Clinton gave a speech about income inequality while wearing a $12,495 Armani jacket

A day before Tuesday’s California primary, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came under fire from opponents for wearing a $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket while giving a speech about wealth inequality.

According the Independent, Clinton ditched the usual pantsuit and instead wore the expensive tweed jacket during a victory speech this past April.

“She’s had to have spent in the six figures on this wardrobe overhaul,” Los Angeles-based political image consultant Patsy Cisneros told The New York Post.

Users commented on social media by calling her “a total hypocrite” and that her jacket is “worth almost as much as the annual salary of one minimum wage worker.”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is also known for purchasing expensive suits. According to the Independent, Trump favors Italian-made Brioni suits and designer clothing.

Featured image: sumit chauhan (Flickr)

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