Hillary fires back at GOP: ‘My plan didn’t cause 22 million people to lose healthcare’

This Wednesday, the RNC sent out a series of tweets targeting Democratic politicians and their healthcare policies, asking them, “What’s your plan?” One of the those targeted in the RNC’s tweets was Hillary Clinton, who fired back at the RNC by tweeted out the plan proposed by her 2016 campaign for president.

From The Hill:

The RNC was targeting Democratic senators who are refusing to back the Republican plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Senate Republicans are currently working on their second draft of the legislation after several GOP senators said they wouldn’t support the first version of the bill.

A few hours after the RNC’s tweet was posted, Clinton fired back with a tweet of her own, which included a link to her healthcare plan from her 2016 campaign website. In the tweet, Clinton sarcastically pointed out that her plan includes “radical provisions” that don’t include kicking 22 million people off their healthcare plans.

Throughout her presidential campaign, Clinton said that although she was a defender of Obamacare, changes needed to be made to the law.

Watch the RNC video below:

Featured image via Medill DC (Flickr)

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