Hospital bills coronavirus survivor $840K for his treatment

After spending weeks in a Colorado hospital fighting the coronavirus, Robert Dennis finally recovered. But when he arrived home, he found out that his first itemized statement for the cost of his care was over $840,000 dollars.

“Seeing that number yesterday for the first bill it kind of took your breath away again,” Robert’s wife Suzanne, who also beat the virus, told Denver7.

“His meds just at the hospital are a quarter million dollars,” Suzanne said.

According to Denver7, the $840,386.94 bill doesn’t include Robert’s three-week stay at Sky Ridge Medical Center, or his wife’s trips to the emergency room when she was infected. The couple estimates the final total of their medical bills to be over a half-million dollars.

“It’s scary. I don’t care how much you have covered. It’s scary to see that kind of number and not really know,” Suzanne said.

The couple has insurance and will reportedly find out how much of the sum is covered next week.

“The Colorado Division of Insurance tells Denver7 that if their department regulates the insurance, that patient will be protected by a state emergency regulation,” Denver7 reports. “Also, if the hospital that treated a patient received CARES Act funding, they are not required to send surprise bills for COVID-19 treatment.”

Suzanne says that if she didn’t have insurance, she probably would have “sat down and cried” upon seeing the bill.

“But if you don’t have that comfort of knowing something is there, I don’t know how you make that ok with yourself,” she said.

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