Huckabee: Let’s dump Syrian refugees in the homes of ‘limousine liberals’

After Mike Huckabee’s initial response to Paris Attacks (telling America to “wake up and smell the falafel” about its immigration policy), the Republican candidate tried a new approach to his anti-immigration rhetoric by sarcastically mocking liberals who support Syrian refugees.  On Saturday, Huckabee gave a speech where he suggested that “limousine liberals” like Hillary Clinton should take refugees into their homes.

“How come they never end up in the neighborhood where the limousine liberal lives? Behind gated communities and with armed security around. Mrs. Clinton, you have suggested we take in 65,00 refugees. How many can we bring to your neighborhood in Chappaqua?” ” said Huckabee in a radio interview.

Huckabee then shifted to the protestors at the University of Missouri, poking fun at student demands for equal treatment.

“Heck, we may take them to the University of Missouri,” Huckabee continued. “A lot of the students are so stressed out from feeling unsafe because somebody said a word they didn’t like that they are not using their dorm rooms anymore. Maybe we can put them there.”

Huckabee and many other conservative politicians like Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio have immediately spoken out against Syrian refugees in the aftermath of Friday’s Paris attacks, stoking fears that members of the Islamic State will enter the country and attack America as France was attacked this weekend.

President Obama responded to the Republican refusal to take on Syrian refugees at the G20 summit on Monday. Obama called the rejection of refugees a “betrayal of our values” and reiterated that he would continue to support refugees coming to America.

Listen to Huckabee’s interview in the audio below:

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