Human Rights Watch releases disturbing video documenting anti-gay attacks in Russia

On the verge of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Human Rights Watch has released a video detailing brutal violence being perpetrated against members of the LGBT community in Russia.

The video is a compilation of footage that the perpetrators themselves have posted online.

“By turning a blind eye to hateful homophobic rhetoric and violence, Russian authorities are sending a dangerous message as the world is about to arrive on its doorstep for the Olympics that there is nothing wrong with attacks on gay people,” Tanya Cooper, a Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch, told the New York Times.

According to reports, the victims were usually attacked in public, often lured into situations under false pretenses and then abducted and subjected to horrific episodes of beating and torture.

HRW has reported that these types of attacks have increased in the last year, in the wake of Russia’s passing of draconian “anti-gay propaganda” laws.

Watch (WARNING: some images may be disturbing):

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