Idaho GOP lawmaker says a rise in human composting will cause a cannibalism epidemic: ‘This is going to be normalized at some point’

An Idaho Republican lawmaker is worried that cannibalism in her state will increase due to what she says is a rise in human composting, the East Idaho News reported.

Rep. Heather Scott introduced a bill this Thursday to expand the state’s cannibalism ban and said that she fears cannibalism is on the rise due to an increase in human composting.

“This is going to be normalized at some point, the way our society’s going and the direction we’re going,” Scott said.

The bill would ban someone giving another person “the flesh or blood of a human being” without that person’s “knowledge or consent.”

Idaho is the only state to outlaw cannibalism, while other states have laws that forbid the abuse or desecration of a corpse. Some states have legalized human composting as a “sustainable” alternative to burial.

“I didn’t want to see that in my Home Depot stores,” Scott said. She claimed to have watched a clip from a television show where a chef fed human sausage to contestants — which inspired her to sponsor the bill. According to the Idaho Statesman, the clip is from a prank TV show.

“Scott also sent a link to a video featuring a Chinese official denying that his country had sold canned human flesh to people in Zambia. The story was a hoax, spread with fake photos of butchery, according to news reports from 2016,” the East Idaho News’ report stated.

Sky Palma

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