Idiot drives his Audi through winding Los Angeles road during rush hour entirely in reverse

A police investigation has been launched after video from earlier this month emerged of someone driving on one of the most curvy roads in Los Angeles – entirely in reverse.

Kevin Zanazanian shot the 3-minute video of what looks to be a black or navy blue newer model Audi, with car dealer plates, driving backwards southbound on Laurel Canyon Boulevard on July 9.

Zanazanian stayed behind the Audi for miles on the narrow two-lane road that ultimately empties out to Sunset Boulevard before he stopped the recording, saying it became too dangerous for him to continue to follow the car.

The car nearly swerved into oncoming traffic a few times.

“Only in L.A.,” Zanazanian can be heard saying in the video.

L.A. detectives are reviewing the video and are planning to contact the car’s dealership to see if they can track down the driver.


h/t: NBC-4 Los Angeles

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