If George Lucas was in charge of Star Wars Episode VII, it would probably look like this

If you’re a die-hard Star Wars fan like I am (I saw Episode IV on opening day at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, 1977, and have been on hand to see every opening day since), you likely understand the love-hate relationship folks like me have with George Lucas.

There’s no denying that he created the most powerful set of characters to ever appear on a movie screen. That’s not just a crazed fan’s opinion; there’s a lot of data to back that up. It’s hard to think of any other generation that’s connected to a story and its heroes in such a powerfully personal way.

But the careless mockup that was the prequels destroyed any faith that Lucas could recapture the magic of the originals, which is why JJ Abrams at the helm has given such a huge shot of adrenaline to fans who are hungry for some serious closure.

George Lucas does have a pretty substantial role in the development of Star Wars VII. We all know he’s not directing or writing the movie, but the story concept is his and he has retained a role as a creative consultant.

But what if he still had the control that he did for the prequels? A fellow name Michael Shanks hilariously showed us how that might look.


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