If you know someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, show them this video

Stated Clearly, a YouTube channel devoted to genetic science, explained the theory of Evolution in terms so simple, that even a creationist could understand. The video is narrated by John Perry, and is vividly animated to visually exhibit the proof of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Although there are innumerable pieces of evidence that prove the theory of evolution, the video focuses only on Cetaceans, a group of animals that include dolphins, whales, and porpoises. The video examines the evidence that cetaceans all evolved from a single land-dwelling ancestor. To prove the theory of evolution, the video looks at eight unique lines of evidence, as opposed to creationism’s lone line of defense, the bible.

The video starts by looking at the skeletons of cetaceans, specifically pointing out the strange mammal-like features of the animals, like lungs, nostril-like blowholes, and currently functionless leg bones. Many animals have strange, now useless, bones in their body, like the whale’s odd hind leg bones, and the human tailbone.

The examination goes on to investigate fossil evidence, which further corroborates with what we can gather from the current anatomy. From fossils, scientists discovered Maiacetes, a long-extinct animal, which resembled a whale with four functioning legs. Fossils also showed several other intermediate “walking whales.”

The video also explores DNA evidence which points to whales and hippos evolving from a common ancestor. This further proves the theory that whales evolved from four legged land animals. The goes on to examine embryonic evidence, which further links whales to other land mammals, clearly showing the links between the animals.

“Thousands of observable facts, from completely different fields of study, have come together to tell us the exact same story: All living things on earth are related,” concludes the video, which clocks in at just over ten minutes.


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