In a victory for press freedom, Amy Goodman has ‘riot’ charges dismissed by district judge

According to a breaking news report from Democracy Now!, host Amy Goodman has had her “riot” charges dismissed by a North Dakota district judge.

According to Democracy Now, a North Dakota state prosecutor had “sought to charge Goodman with participating in a ‘riot’ for filming an attack on Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters. The new charge came after the prosecutor dropped criminal trespassing charges. State’s Attorney Ladd R. Erickson filed the new charges on Friday before District Judge John Grinsteiner, who today did not find probable cause in the riot charge against Goodman.”

Goodman was on location in North Dakota covering what she called “the standoff at the rock,” a months-long protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline by thousands of Native Americans.

Goodman was essential to getting the story, which was being ignored by the mainstream media, to a wider audience. But on September 8, Goodman found out that the city of Morton County had issued a warrant for her arrest. She was being charged with participating in a “riot,” which was punishable by jail and a fine.

Watch a Democracy Now! report on the protests from September 3 in the video below:



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