Indiana cop is fired two days after getting hired when his new employer finds racist social media posts

An Indianapolis police officer was fired just two days after he was hired due to his new employer discovering racist social media posts he made in the past, WRTV reported.

The Marion Police Department was informed of past Facebook posts made by Chaz Foy just one day after he was sworn in as their newest officer.

Chief Angela Haley determined that Foy’s social media activity was “not in keeping with the standards of the Marion Police Department.”

According to The Root, Fox made two posts that led to his firing, one of which read, “With gas hitting 4.89 and climbing, let’s all take a moment to appreciate better times.” The “better times” the post was referring to was illustrated with a picture showing George Floyd under the boot of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin.

In a post from April 2021, Foy posted a caricature of a Black man titled “Martin Looter King.”

Haley released a statement, saying: “On Tuesday, social media posts Chaz Foy allegedly shared on his personal Facebook account were brought to the attention of the Marion Police Department, according to a news release. Marion Chief of Police Angela Haley personally reviewed the posts and called them “racist” and said they were not keeping with the standards of their department.”

“I do not condone this type of behavior and will not tolerate it,” Haley said.

Sky Palma

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