Ingredients in Mexican man’s Donald Trump taco is a pretty fitting tribute

Donald Trump has inspired everything from halloween masks, to Mexican piñatas. Now, he’s inspired a taco.

Humberto Erives, who has been running the restaurant Tacos Tio Beto in northern Mexico for decades, is known for turning unpopular politicians into far more palatable tacos. Erives explained his culinary creation to Fusion:

“It’s got a lot of tongue and a pinch of brain. Many politician [inspired] tacos have lots of tongue and little brain. But for the Trump taco, I’m also adding a bit of trompita de marrano” — or pig’s snout.”

Erives, who has been running Tacos Tio Beto for 30 years in the sleepy Mexican town of Ciudad Cuauhtemoc, is surprised by the popularity of his latest creation. He said that if he ever met Trump, he would tell him that the ingredients in his politician-inspired tacos change “according to how they are doing things.”

Erives (right) and customers. (Image via

For example, the taco he serves named after former Mexican President Vicente Fox includes a lot of tongue and a small amount of brain and potatoes. Erives explained why the potatoes are a key ingredient.  

“Here we say that people who lie a lot are paperos, or potato heads.”

The Trump Taco rose to fame last month, when a newspaper from the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez published a Youtube video of Erives discussing his creation. So far, this video has over 200,000 views. TV stations and people from miles and miles away have been coming to visit Tacos Tio Beto and enjoy Erives’ Trump Taco ever since.

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