Islamic terror group uses clips of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric in new recruitment video

It’s pretty easy to see that Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has definitely upped the ante on Islamophobic sentiments in America. However, that’s not all it’s doing.

Trump’s hate speech is also the perfect tool for the likes of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other groups that justify their terroristic deeds to recruit Muslims.

According to CBS News, a nearly hour-long recruitment video from the terror group al-Shabab, al-Qaeda’s Somalia-based affiliate, has effectively utilized clips of Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim statements — particularly his plan to ban Muslims from entering the borders of the United States — as a way to convince Muslims to join them because the Western world will never accept them.

In addition to using Trump, the police brutality against black Americans was used as well, with specific note taken of the killings of Michael Brown and Walter Scott at the hands of cops.

SITE, a group that keeps tabs on hate groups and terrorist organizations, posted stills of the video to Twitter:

Well done, Mr. Trump.

Featured image via Flickr

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