It’s currently raining on Trump’s 4th of July campaign rally

Organizers for President Trump’s Salute to America event must have been a little nervous when the weather forecast predicted scattered storms for this 4th of July. Now, it’s looking like Mother Nature is part of The Resistance.

According to a statement from the Department of the Interior yesterday, the event will go forward “rain or shine,” and at this point, there’s definitely no shine. In a video posted to Twitter by PBS NewsHour’s Meredith Lee, rain can be seen coming down on the press and attendees in front of the decked out Lincoln Memorial. On either side, giant screens can be seen with the message, “The Program Will Begin Soon.”

From the looks of the video, the turnout doesn’t seem to be living up to Trump’s “oversized expectations.”

In the comment thread beneath the tweet, throngs of people couldn’t resist poking fun at Trump’s event, which many thought was a blatant politicization of a non-partisan holiday.

“Miserable weather for a miserable man. Small turnout for a small man. Perfect,” Twitter user @Deb4Democracy wrote.

“Americans, this is your tax dollars at work for you,” @happyhamers wrote.

“God is a Democrat,” wrote @bruinzack.

“How many atheists just went back to believing in God?” @kathleenlange replied.

And there was this one too:

In a statement flagged by The Hill, Elisabeth Warren slammed the event, saying that Trump “is handing out tickets to his big donors.”

“That’s a campaign event,” Warren declared. “And if he’s going to do a campaign event, then it should be paid for by his campaign contributions. It should not be paid for by the American taxpayer.”

According to a POLITICO report from yesterday, the event was put together hastily, which is possibly a reason why the impending weather wasn’t taken into consideration.

“They started this too late and everyone has plans already,” Republican donor Dan Eberhart said. “Everyone will be there in spirit, but in reality, people planned their July 4th activities weeks ago.”

According to an unnamed White House aide who spoke to POLITICO, organizers are “creating this thing from scratch.”

“There are questions about the ticket distribution and who will show up,” the aide added. “The weather might be bad. Heads are spinning.”

Another video from today shows folks in the stands getting drenched by the rain.

Trump giving a speech in the rain would be a true highlight. We’ll update this article should that happen.

Update: Trump is scheduled to speak at 6:30 pm. You can follow this link for live updates.

Featured image via screen grab/Twitter

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