January 6

Jake Tapper to Republican who blocked 1/6 commission: You thought Benghazi was worth investigating

On CNN this Sunday, Jake Tapper pressed Congressman Mike McCaul (R- TX) over his vote to block a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Tapper told McCaul that he was “surprised to read” about his vote given the fact that back in 2014 he gave a statement stressing that we “owe” it to the victims and the families of the Benghazi attack “to find out the truth.”

“I agreed with you then,” Tapper said, “But I wonder why you don’t have the same feeling here about this commission.”

“I view this not as an overview of policy like the 9/11 Commission did. It’s a criminal investigation,” McCaul replied. “A criminal case. In my judgment, that properly falls within the purview of the Department of Justice, where I worked for many years, rather than a politically appointed commission.”

Watch the video below:

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