James Comer grilled on Fox News about Hunter Biden evidence: ‘We can’t track down the informant’

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) said that Republicans have information from “an informant”  that Joe Biden during his time as vice president “was involved in a quid pro quo with a foreign country in exchange for for foreign aid.”

“You have spoken with whistleblowers,” she noted. “You also spoke with an informant who gave you all of this information. Where is that informant today? Where are these whistleblowers?”

“Well, unfortunately, we can’t track down the informant,” Comer replied. “We’re hopeful that the informant is still there. The whistleblower knows the informant. The whistleblower is very credible.”

“Are there whistleblowers or informants missing right now?” Bartiromo asked later asked in the segment.

According to Comer, informants in regards to the investigation of Hunter Biden are “either currently in court, they’re currently in jail, or they’re currently missing.”

“So it’s of the utmost importance that the FBI work with us to be able to try to identify what research they’ve done, what investigations they’ve done, because we have people that want to come forward,” Comer said before accusing the Biden administration of intimidating witnesses. “But honestly, they fear for their lives. Not only are the Biden lawyers and the Biden White House intimidating them, the media is trying to intimidate and discredit them.”

This is absolutely extraordinary and it is stunning that some people are missing that you need to prove this. Who in the White House is intimidating these people? Do you know?” Bartiromo asked, to which Comer replied that he’d reveal that information at a later date.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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