James O’Keefe Ordered to Pay $100,000 to Victim of His False ACORN ‘Exposé’ (VIDEO)

In a report by Wonkette, conservative activist James O’Keefe has agreed to a $100,000 settlement that resulted from a lawsuit filed against him by Juan Carlos Vera, a former employee of ACORN.

In the suit, Vera charged that O’Keefe had illegally taped their conversation at a California ACORN office in 2010 as part of his “exposé” of the community activist group, which was later found to be fraudulent.

Vera was portrayed in O’Keefe’s videos as offering assistance in setting up a nonexistent child prostitution ring. However, after his encounter with O’Keefe, Vera then contacted the police to report “possible human smuggling,” unaware that he was the subject of O’Keefe’s undercover camera sting. Vera claims he lost his job from the resulting fallout of O’Keefe’s undercover operation when the video of their encounter was posted on a Breitbart website.

According to documents obtained by Wonkette, O’Keefe has agreed to pay Vera $100,000 and as part of the settlement, “O’Keefe states that at the time of the publication of the video of Juan Carlos Vera he was unaware of Vera’s claims to have notified a police officer of the incident.” The documents go on to say that “O’Keefe regrets any pain suffered by Mr. Vera or his family.”

After the ACORN prostitution hoax was exposed, O’Keefe and his “Project Veritas” group released a series of heavily edited undercover sting videos attempting to document voter fraud, most of which collapsed under scrutiny.

The video below is a Fox News broadcast that aired soon after O’Keefe’s deceptions came to light.

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