Jan 6 rioter who wanted to wash Capitol with ‘blood of Jesus’ is slapped with prison sentence

A 46-year-old Alabama man has been sentenced to almost two years in prison after he was convicted for his role in the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Law&Crime reported.

Joshua Matthew Black was convicted on a felony and multiple misdemeanor counts and was sentenced to 22 months in prison in a case that relied on evidence that came from some of his social media posts.

Two days after Jan. 6, Black posted a video to YouTube telling viewers that the “spirit of God” compelled him to enter the Capitol building that day.

“We just wanted to get inside the building. I just wanted to get inside the building so I could plead the blood of Jesus over it. That was my goal,” Black said in the video, adding that he brought a knife with him into the Capitol.

“I wasn’t planning on pulling it,” he claimed, referring to the knife. “I just carry a knife because I do. I work outside, and you need knives, you know.”

Black’s sentencing memo states that he “was the first rioter to breach the barricade at the Capitol’s Lower West Terrace at approximately 12:57 p.m. on January 6.”

“He positioned himself at the front of the large, unruly crowd gathered at the West Plaza, and was shot in the face with a crowd-control munition at 1:07 p.m.,” the memo continued. “Despite suffering a gaping wound from the shot and witnessing numerous assaults on police officers, he remained on the Capitol grounds and made his way to the east side of the building.”

In his defense sentencing memo, Black’s attorney mentioned his clients Christian faith.

“Around 2010 Mr. Black was ‘born again’ and became part of the evangelical Christian community. It has been a major component of Mr. Black’s life since,” the defense memo states. “He has attempted to carry out what he perceives to be God’s will with a charitable and loving heart toward his family, neighbors and community.”

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