Jeff Sessions: ‘A good nation’ doesn’t admit ‘illiterate’ immigrants

During an appearance on Fox News this Tuesday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions regurgitated the White House line on merit-based immigration, saying that a “good nation” doesn’t accept “illiterate” immigrants.

“What good does it do to bring in somebody who is illiterate in their own country, has no skills and is going to struggle in our country and not be successful? That is not what a good nation should do, and we need to get away from it,” Sessions told host Tucker Carlson on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Sessions then slammed Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for reciting an Emma Lazarus poem that praised immigration.

“Not really a case you would expect a Republican to be making,” Carlson said, referring to Graham. “Why aren’t there more articulate Republican members of Congress making the case that you just made?”

“Well, I wish there were, actually,” Sessions said.

“We are not against immigration,” he continued. “The president is not against immigration. What the American people want, have a right to, and what’s good for America is a lawful system of immigration. And when we admit people to our country we should be like Canada. We should evaluate them and make sure they are going to be lawful. They are not threats to us. They have the education and skills level to prosper in America. That’s good for them and good for America.”

Watch the clip below via Talking Points Memo:

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