Jen Psaki fires back at male reporter’s abortion question: ‘You’ve never faced those choices’

During an exchange with a male reporter this Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fired back at his question about President Biden’s support for abortion.

When the reporter from EWTN, a Catholic network, asked why Biden supports abortion when the Catholic Church opposes it, Psaki said Biden “believes that it is a woman’s right, it is a woman’s body and it is her choice.”

When asked who Biden believes should look out for an unborn child, Psaki replied: “He believes that it is up to a woman to make those decisions and up to a woman to make those decisions with her doctor.”

“I know you’ve never faced those choices, nor have you ever been pregnant,” she continued, “But for women out there who have faced those choices, this is an incredibly difficult thing. The president believes their rights should be respected.”

Watch the exchange below:


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