Jen Psaki on whether Trump ‘deserves credit’ for vaccines: ‘No one deserves credit for half-million people dead’


During an exchange with a reporter this Thursday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if the Trump administration “deserves some credit for laying the groundwork” for the current COVID vaccine rollout.

“I don’t think anyone deserves credit when half a million people in the country have died of this pandemic,” Psaki said.

“So, what our focus is on, and what the President’s focus us on when he came into office just over a month ago, was ensuring that we had enough vaccines — we are going to have them now — we had enough vaccinators, and we had enough vaccine locations to get this pandemic under control,” she continued. “There’s no question, and all data points to the fact that there were not enough of any of those things when [Biden] took office.”

Watch the full exchange below:

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