Jerry Brown calls out Jeff Sessions: ‘We know the Trump administration is full of liars’

This Wednesday, California Governor Jerry Brown took aim at Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump after they filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s immigration laws.

This week, Sessions visited Sacramento to announce that the Trump administration would be filing a lawsuit to challenge California’s “sanctuary city” policies and refusal to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement — a visit that Brown called a “political stunt.”

I do think this is pure red meat for the base, and I would assume — this is pure speculation — that Jeff thinks Donald will be happier with him and I bet Donald will be tweeting his joy with this stunt,” Brown said.

“Special counsel Robert “Mueller is closing in. There are more indictments to come. So obviously the attorney general has found it hard to be just a normal attorney general. He’s been caught up in the whirlwind,” he added.

According to Brown, the White House is “going to war” with California and Sessions is acting “more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer.”

“Look, we know the Trump administration is full of liars,” he said. “They’ve pled guilty already to the special counsel. … What Jeff Sessions said is simply not true and I call upon him to apologize to the people of California for bringing the mendacity of Washington to California, and trying to insert discord and dysfunction … to a state that’s actually working.

On Wednesday morning Sessions slammed immigration advocates as “extremists” who want “open borders.”

“Stop treating immigration agents differently from everybody else for the purpose of eviscerating border and immigration laws and advancing an open borders philosophy shared by only a few, the most radical extremists,” Sessions said according to CNN.

Watch Brown make his remarks in the video below:

[H/T: @kylegriffin1] Featured image via screen grab/YouTube