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Jewish UFC fighter calls out Kanye West’s antisemitism: ‘Come see me, bro’

One of the few Israeli mixed martial artists to ever compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) called out the antisemitism of Kanye West in a recent interview.

While speaking to the press after his victory against Genaro Valdez at UFC Orlando on Saturday, Natan Levy was asked his thoughts about West’s antisemitism, as well as NBA star Kyrie Irving.

“I think life is too short to hate, so to all these hateful people it sucks for you, I pity you,” he said.

“I am Jewish, it’s what I am, it’s what I was born,” Levy continued. “I’m very proud of it and I will fight for it. I will fight for my people in the octagon, or wherever need be, and I will not stand for antisemitism. I won’t stand for any racism — not around me. Don’t bully anybody around me, or I’m going to find you.”

Kanye West, if you’ve got a problem with me or my people, come see me, bro,” Levy added.

As the Jerusalem Post points out, Levy was born in France and moved to Israel as a young child. He’s only the third Israeli to sign on with the UFC.

Watch the video below:

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