Jim Bakker: Billy Graham’s death signals the ‘beginning of the End Times’

Jim Bakker reminds us once again that the End Times are coming any day now.

On his show this Wednesday, televangelist and Apocalypse-ready food bucket-hawker Jim Bakker shared some thoughts on the recent death of mega-evangelist Billy Graham.

“I mourn for him because I believe [it’s] the end of an era, and not only the end of an era but perhaps the beginning of the Last Days,” Bakker said.

“This is what many prophets have told me before this day; they said when Billy Graham dies, it’s gonna signal the beginning [of the End Times].”

He then brought up the biblical figure “Methuselah” and spoke about how his death was a prediction of the Great Flood. Hinting at Graham, Bakker pointed out that Methuselah’s name means “his death will bring judgement.” He then recounted how a “prophet” looked up the meaning of the name “William Graham” and allegedly discovered that it meant “determined protector.”

“I believe with all my heart that the death of Billy Graham was going to signal … the beginning of the Judgment Days,” Bakker said.

“The Last Days are coming.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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