Jim Bakker wants you to buy his food buckets so you don’t eat your neighbors

Just in case Houston becomes a failed state with people prepared to eat each other, he wants you to be prepared.

Jim Bakker is really pushing his Apocalypse-ready food buckets. Now, thanks to the hurricanes ravaging the East Coast and U.S. territories, he’s trying a different angle to get his product moving.

On his TV program this Wednesday, Bakker lamented that he’s been “so lambasted in the last few years” by other Christians for promoting his survival products, but he warned that “the Bible says a fool sees trouble coming and doesn’t prepare.”

“In perilous times, they do crazy things,” Bakker said, adding that he has “cried so much” over the destruction in Houston by Hurricane Harvey. He then whipped up some phony tears just like he used to in his days as a megachurch televangelist.

“I saw wonderful people with everything gone,” Bakker said with his voice cracking. “Everything gone! You don’t understand — everything gone!”

Just in case Houston becomes a failed state with people prepared to “eat each other,” he wants you to be prepared.

“You don’t understand living in darkness unless you’ve lived in darkness. And they will kill each other, eat each other, steal everything from each other and that’s what the Bible warns about. I want you to be prepared.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Featured image via screen grab

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