Jim Bakker: Buy my ‘Turkey Feast’ survival food buckets in case the Apocalypse comes during Thanksgiving

One of the most impressive career revivals is that of Jim Bakker. Once a disgraced televangelist who went to prison for mail and wire fraud and conspiring to defraud the public, he’s managed to reinvent himself as an apocalyptic doomsday prepper and build a nice following in the process.

Bakker has monetized his ever-evolving and open-ended predictions of the End Times with his (alleged) disaster-ready “food buckets.” But it isn’t the food buckets themselves that make for great unintentional comedy, it’s how he markets them.

As hurricanes ravaged the East Coast in September of last year, Bakker warned his audience that in perilous times, people “kill each other” and “eat each other” and that he wanted them to “be prepared.” On his show that same month, he called upon viewers to buy a “million dollars-worth” of his food buckets, saying money will be useless anyway when the tribulation comes.

You can even make a Thanksgiving dinner with his food buckets.

“This is the most unique survival food,” Bakker said on his show this Tuesday.

Pointing to his product, he said it contained “52 servings” of a “turkey feast emergency food supply” with a “30-year shelf life.”

“It even has pumpkin pie mousse for dessert … I love pumpkin pie,” Bakker declared.

“This, for your survival food, this is to have,” he continued. “Because in a crisis, you’re gonna be able to have a Thanksgiving turkey dinner.”

“Isn’t that wild?”

What’s wild is that this convicted con man is still able to steal money from gullible people.

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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