Jim Bakker: Democrats are ‘close to making the bible illegal’

First Democrats were coming for the guns and now they’re coming for the bibles, at least that’s according to televangelist and career grifter Jim Bakker.

In today’s episode of The Jim Bakker Show, Cindy and Mike Jacobs of the Generals International ministry made an appearance to pray for God’s protection over President Trump and his administration.

“I pray every day for them,” Cindy Jacobs said in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “The Bible commands us to do that. I pray that God will give him wisdom … I pray for his protection. I pray for peace for him. I pray that God will give his mind peace.”

Lori Bakker then chimed in, marveling at Trump’s “supernatural” ability to withstand the Democrats’ attacks on him.

“It really is,” she reiterated. “How he is standing and how he just keeps railing back. It is incredible.”

According to Mike Jacobs, Trump’s longevity to due to his willingness to listen to “godly counsel.”

“He far surpasses most [previous Republican presidents] in terms of the godly counsel he has around him, that he listens to … When Trump first started running for office, who ever would have thought that we would have a president who so surrounds himself with godly counsel? There is a blessing that comes from that.”

Jim Bakker then asked how one would explain Trump’s controversies, for example, “the Trump who uses language we don’t like sometimes.”

Never mind that, because according to Cindy Jacobs, Trump is “becoming more and more godly.”

“We’re seeing him want to put Bible reading back in school,” she declared. “Come on. Bible reading back in school and prayer?”

Bible readings and school prayer — all things that were stolen that Trump is working to restore, Jim Bakker interjected.

“He’s wanting to restore the dignity and power to the church and not take the Bible away,” Bakker said. “We’re so close—they don’t get this — but we’re so close to the Bible being illegal.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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