Jim Bakker: Earthquakes decreased to ‘the lowest in decades’ just before Trump’s election

End times prepper pastor Jim Bakker has made numerous dire predictions if President Donald Trump isn’t reelected. Among them:  Mayhem will erupt if President Donald Trump isn’t reelected. The end of the world will be on speed dial. And earthquakes. There will be earthquakes.

For Bakker, earthquakes seem to be a favorite topic and he was back to warning his followers about them Thursday morning on his program The Jim Bakker Show.

“Just the days before Trump was elected, earthquakes dropped to their lowest in decades; I mean here’s the charts. It dipped all the way down. It was like a celebration. And now, earthquakes have gone double-high of 20 years ago,” he warned his guests. “They’re shaking, they’re shaking.”

But as Right Wing Watch notes in the tweet above, this is simply not true. And as Hemant Mehta and Right Wing Watch pointed out, the number of earthquakes has actually stayed more or less the same in the years before and after Trump’s election. If anything, the numbers have been slightly higher after his election.

Earthquakes are familiar ground for Bakker, who had this to say on his show last November, where he produced the possibly fictitious chart — and pointed to the dip:

“You want to know what this is? That’s the election of Donald Trump!” That caused his audience to gasp.

“Why would there be a dip in the earthquakes at the time of the election?” Then he pointed out a current rise in earthquakes in the prelude to the 2020 election.

He’s also recently claimed that followers aren’t “saved” if they don’t support Trump.

“Trump is a test whether you’re even saved” he said earlier this month. “Only saved people can love Trump. You’ve got to be really saved, you’ve got to be able to forgive. You forgive when you’re saved.”


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