Jim Bakker excuses Trump’s infidelities because ‘King David was a womanizer’

On The Jim Bakker Show this Thursday, televangelist and doomsday prepper Jim Bakker declared that critics of President Trump are participating in a “war against God.”

“Our president, it is like he is in a war,” Bakker said in an video flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“He is not running the country like he should because he is trying to defend himself,” he continued.

“Don’t kid yourself, he is in warfare. God spoke to me today on this broadcast; what you are experiencing in this nation through the television and through all the networking and through Hollywood and through everything now—everything—you are feeling a spirit which is the spirit of Antichrist. There is a war in the world against God.”

Bakker addressed Christians who doubt Trump’s divine appointment based on his history of womanizing, infidelities, and divorces, saying that they need to remember that King David was also a “womanizer.”

“One of the most loved presidents of all times, from the information that I have first hand, had multiple affairs daily in the White House,” Bakker said. “You say, ‘How could he know?’ Well, somebody had to bring the women up the stairs.”

Watch the video below:

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Sky Palma

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