Jim Bakker: Two scientists sent by God to cure cancer were aborted

On The Jim Bakker Show this Monday, host Jim Bakker had some distressing news for anyone who gullible enough to believe his religious scams. According to him, God has already sent two people into this world who were destined to discover a cure for cancer, but they were aborted before they had a chance.

The revelation came during an interview with far-right Christian “activist” Janet Porter and former GOP Rep. Tom Delay on their efforts to push Porter’s “Heartbeat Bill,” a piece of legislation that Porter brags will outlaw abortion “before the mother knows she’s pregnant,” according to Right Wing Watch.

According to Bakker, America will be cursed “if we keep murdering our babies.”

“I believe we are doomed as a nation—whatever you think, I don’t care, because I believe God says, ‘Thou shall not kill,'” Bakker said.  “And to murder our unborn babies, I don’t believe God can look [the other way].”

“[The Heartbeat Bill] could be an important cog to stop abortion in this country,” he added.

“The thing we have done in America, we have killed our babies. We have killed the future of America. I told you the other day about a story, someone said they asked God, ‘Why haven’t we had a cure for cancer?’ And [God] said back, ‘I gave you two scientists that had the cure and both of them were aborted.’”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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