Jim Bakker: If Dems can’t remove Trump through impeachment, ‘they’ll kill him if they have to’

On the November 17 edition of The Jim Bakker Show, host Jim Bakker did his usual ranting against the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and added his usual sinister touch by suggesting that Trump’s life is in danger if the Dems’ plans don’t pan out.

“This political fight that’s going on in America is going to bring American apart,” Bakker said in an audio clip flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“America is going to come apart!” he warned. “I believe there is such a hatred for our president, and I will say this, and you may say I shouldn’t, but I’m gonna say it — if they can’t get him out by courts and politically and put him in prison somehow — they want him to go to prison, they’re applauding now for Trump to go to prison — they will kill him if they have to.”


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Sky Palma

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